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Character education is a hot topic in today's school curriculum. Promoting the whole child and attending to each facet of a child's being includes addressing a child's character education. What better way to develop character education than with an on-going workshop series with Etiquette Advantage? Instill honesty, stewardship, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, justice, equality, and respect. Teach your student body GOOD MANNERS and you will address these pillars of character education.
Want a student body that identifies and rejects bullying? Give them on-going support with an Etiquette Advantage "Good Manners" program. Good manners teach respect for others and respect for self. With an Etiquette Advantage program we use role playing and games to address specific issues that influence and affect bullying. Bullying is unacceptable. Give your student body the support it needs by giving them training to develop their respect for others and their good manners.
Our program provides active learning, and we recommend covering the following topics as a first session: Respect for self and others; Common Courtesies, and Necessary leadership skills. We also recommend a LUNCH BUNCH session where we teach during lunch break. The child's own lunch is often used: they leave lunch full of knowledge as well as a full stomach!
About Etiquette Advantage, LLC
Jeanne Doorley is the owner of Etiquette Advantage, LLC. A Professional Etiquette Consultant, she is a Westchester County resident. Jeanne Doorley is the mom of three children, Girl Scout co-leader and a PTA President. She started Etiquette Advantage to give people the opportunity to formally learn manners, soft skills and social etiquette the same way they take gymnastics, piano or a foreign language. Prior to owning Etiquette Advantage, Jeanne Doorley worked in New York City in marketing and advertising sales at A&E Television Networks, Time Warner's broadband service Road Runner and ABC Radio. She believes that good manners are important and good social skills lead to advancement in educational and career settings.
Kristi Godek is a Croton mom of two children and past PTA co-President at C.E.T. Elementary School in Croton. A former human resources manager, Kristi has first-hand knowledge in the importance of soft skills and people skills when interviewing for job positions.
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